Hays to Help Clean Up Illinois

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State Representative Chad Hays

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Hays to Help Clean Up Illinois

Danville, IL…  State Representative Chad Hays (R-Danville) was appointed this week to the bipartisan and bicameral Legislative Ethics Commission.  The commission’s membership includes four State Representatives and four Senators, with each of the four legislative leaders appointing two members to serve. The commission is charged with upholding ethics laws, creating rules around ethics legislation and holding hearings at the request of the Legislative Inspector General on possible ethics violations.

“In a state with a history of corruption, it is a great honor and great responsibility to be charged with upholiding ethics laws in the state legislature,” said Hays.  “I look forward to helping change the culture in Springfield and earning back the faith and trust of the people of Illinois.”

Hays filled the spot vacated by former State Representative Jil Tracy. Joining Hays as a new member of the commission is State Representative Norine Hammond, who is replacing former State Representative Darlene Senger.

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