Representative Hays Responds to Passage of Key Bills to Fill Gaping Budget Hole

In response to the Illinois House approval today of House Bills 317 and 318, State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) has issued the following statement:

“In a true showing of bipartisanship in the Illinois House today, lawmakers took steps to close the $1.6 billion budget hole that Governor Bruce Rauner inherited when he took office in January. The two votes taken today were difficult, but they were a necessary step in preventing devastating service disruptions for our most vulnerable citizens and important assistance programs.”

“The current budget was unbalanced by $1.6 billion when Governor Quinn signed it last year. The bold action taken by members of the Illinois House today corrects that irresponsible budget and will allow the State to end the current fiscal year whole.”

“By approving these two bills, we have granted Governor Rauner the flexibility he needs to divert a true funding crisis. He will be able to bring balance back to the budget and ensure that key budget areas are funded through the remainder of the fiscal year.”

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