With Budget Impasse Continuing, State Rep. Chad Hays Sponsors Legislation to Ensure State Employees Get Paid

Wanting to make sure hard-working state employees are paid during the FY16 budget impasse, today State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) joined several of his Republican colleagues in sponsoring a bill that would allow state agencies to meet their payroll obligations in the absence of an approved State budget.

“There are tens of thousands of hard-working State employees who are expected to go to work every day even though there is no authority for the Comptroller to issue their paychecks this month,” said Hays. “These individuals must be able to provide for their families, and HB4245 will allow them to get paid.”

HB4245 seeks to amend the State Budget Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois to provide for a continuing appropriation for each State agency to meet personnel expenditures for each payroll period when a permanent budget is not in place. The bill would apply to all state agencies and also include state universities, community colleges and other areas where personnel expenditures are typically made through an annual State budget. Funding for salaries would match the appropriations made in FY15.

“We must be fair to our state employees and their families,” said Hays. “This budget mess is not their fault, yet there are some who are very willing to use these people as pawns in a political game of ‘chicken,’ to see who blinks first. Paying these folks is the right thing to do and this bill should receive unanimous support in both chambers of the General Assembly.”

To hear Rep. Hays speak about the bill, click here.