Republican Effort to Stay in Springfield and Avoid Month Long Recess Rejected by Majority Party

Per the House calendar set by Speaker Madigan, today was our last scheduled day in Springfield until April 4. In light of the critical issues facing our state due to the lack of a budget, Republicans tried to convince the Speaker and his caucus to stay in Springfield to work on these problems.

As the business of the day was concluding, one of my Republican colleagues made a motion that we reconvene tomorrow so that discussions on important issues could continue. The entire Republican Caucus was supportive of this motion. But rather than following House rules and allowing a vote on the motion, Democrats instead abruptly and incorrectly ruled our motion out of order, adjourned, and quickly skipped town for five weeks. It was a disgraceful display. The photo above shows how quickly the Democrat side of the aisle vacated this afternoon.

Click here to read more about this shameful behavior by the majority party members and to see a video of our request and their abrupt exit from the chamber. If you would like to weigh in on the issue after reading the information, please use this link to take a single-question survey.