Hays Approves Measure to Send $700 Million to Human Service Agencies in Illinois

State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) applauded a strong showing of bipartisanship today that will allow $700 million in dedicated funds to be sent to human service agencies that have been caught in the middle of a budget battle between the Speaker of the House and the Governor.

“Two weeks ago Republicans and Democrats came together to find $600 million in available revenue that could be used as emergency funding for our community colleges and universities, and today we again worked collaboratively to allocate $700 million for human service agencies that are at risk of closing their doors,” said Hays. “It was not a perfect bill, but it matched expenditures with available revenue. These agencies that provide critical services will now be able to continue with the delivery of services through the end of the fiscal year.”

Through SB 2038, the following funds are allocated:
  • Department of Human Services: $247,989,000
  • Healthcare and Family Services: $5,400,000 
  • Department of Public Health: $17,988,300
  • Department on Aging: $243,492,100
  • Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority: $9,098,600
  • Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity: $458,000
  • Department of Military Affairs: $1,266,500
  • Department of Transportation: $343,500
  • Department of Revenue: $170,500,000
“As a General Assembly, we can do a great deal when we set partisan politics aside and actually work toward shared goals that benefit our constituents,” said Hays. “While I wish this bill could have done more, the give-and-take and compromise that created SB 2038 will provide a lifeline to agencies that are really struggling.”

SB 2038 now heads back to the Senate for their concurrence and then to the Governor’s desk.