Hays Calls Madigan House Rules an “End-Run Around Democracy”

Claiming the 100th General Assembly House Rules proposed by House Speaker Mike Madigan represented “an end-run around democracy,” State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) joined all Republican legislators on Tuesday in voting against the rules. In spite of the unified opposition by House Republicans, the rules were approved in a 63-53 vote.

“My constituents in the 104th District essentially lost their legislative voice due to the passage of those House Rules today,” said Hays. “I was elected to represent them and bring forward their priorities through legislation. When one man can decide whether my bills are heard or buried, our representative form of government is severely crippled.”

Through the rules approved on Tuesday, Madigan will retain a 3/5 majority on his House Rules Committee. Consisting of his most loyal stalwarts, no bill will be assigned for a hearing before a substantive committee without the support of his appointees. Additionally, if an attempt to discharge a bill from the Rules Committee is made, one legislator out of the 188-member chamber can object and prohibit the bill from being discharged.

“No other state in the union has rules that are this oppressive,” Hays said. “Even across the hall in the Senate, where Republicans are in the super-minority, Republicans can get their bills heard. Our rules are unfair, they’re overbearing, and a slap in the face of how we should be conducting business in this building.”

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