Representative Chad Hays Speaks Out Against Fake Workers Compensation Legislation

Today in Springfield State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) rejected a fake workers’ compensation proposal that had returned to the House for concurrence after an amendment to the bill was added in the Senate.

Hays pointed to Danville’s FreightCar America, which was forced to close it doors, putting hundreds people out of work. Illinois’ outrageous workers’ compensation laws were a significant contributing factor. “This was a place where people needing a second or third chance could find work and earn a sustainable wage,” said Hays. “The business owner warned me that our ridiculous workers compensation laws were going to force him out of business, and eventually it happened. Several hundred people who really needed that opportunity to earn a decent wage lost their jobs because the company’s sister city in Pennsylvania had workers compensation premiums that are one-fifth of what is required in Illinois.”

Despite comments from many House Republicans that HB2525 would not save employers money or reduce costs, the bill was approved in a 64-51 vote. All 51 House Republicans voted against the measure. While the bill now moves to Governor Rauners desk, he has pledged to veto it.

Click here to watch Rep. Hays' floor debate on HB 2525.

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