Representative Chad Hays Reacts to Passage of Balanced FY 2019 Budget

A balanced budget that passed with wide, bipartisan support in both chambers of the General Assembly is on its way to Governor Bruce Rauner. Following its 97-18 passage in the Illinois House on Thursday, State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) issued the following statement:

“It was a pleasure to vote in favor of a budget package that was balanced, included no new taxes, and which was crafted through true and honest bipartisanship. Since this was the final budget vote I will ever take in the Illinois General Assembly, I am incredibly proud it was on legislation created through cooperation and respectful compromise.”

“As I conclude the final months of my service in the House of Representatives, my hope moving forward is that the remaining and new members look at this year’s budget process as an example of the positive results that can be achieved when politics and partisanship are set aside. Much hard work remains, and perhaps the bipartisanship shown here today can serve as a springboard toward future cooperative efforts that will really improve Illinois’ economy, grow jobs, and ultimately place our state on solid financial footing.”

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