Governor Rauner Signs Rep. Chad Hays’ Government Modernization Bill into Law

Candidates running for local public office will now be able to electronically file Statements of Local Interests with county clerk offices thanks to legislation sponsored by State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) that was signed into law today.

HB 4395 gives local and state government the ability to modernize part of a candidate’s filing and reduce clutter. “The statement of economic interest is an important document that every candidate must file, and this measure updates archaic processes so that local candidates can take advantage of Internet technology when filing this information,” said Hays. “The provisions of this bill will simplify and modernize the process and bring a new level of efficiency to candidate filing requirements.”

Chief Senate Sponsor Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) said, “Any time we can speed up, simplify and improve the efficiency of government, it is a good move. This is just another small step toward those goals.”

For state legislative candidates, the ethics officer for the individual caucus would determine whether the members of that caucus would file electronically or on paper. Statewide candidates who file with the Illinois Secretary of State would still be required to file on paper.

As he signed HB 4395 into law, Governor Bruce Rauner said, “My administration has worked to modernize processes across state government,” Rauner said. “We have strived to reduce regulation, streamline paperwork and provide more efficient and modern government services. This is another step in that process.”

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